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Digital Pro Lab is once again hosting a FOTOSEPTIEMBRE USA gallery exhibit! Along with this year's curator, Mark Hiebert, we invite both aspiring and established artists to submit works of photography in response to this year's exhibition theme: Crossing..



Streets, aisles, thresholds, bridges, boundaries, lines in the sand, crossing over, crossing out, “it crossed my mind,” a double-cross: Figurative or otherwise, from permeable to impenetrable, spoken and unspoken, our lives are made and defined by the relationships we make with the lines we cross or honor (or honor by crossing).

How can photography better articulate, document, and challenge our collective understanding of spaces of transition and change? What does it mean to cross and how does that shape our humanity? What do we carry forward when we transgress what was thought to be the limits of our being?

We invite you to submit images that address the various ways we might understand this notion of crossing and the perspectives gained from multiple and varied sides.




• Submissions must be representative of the exhibition theme.
• We encourage the submission of a full range of photographic styles within the scope of this year’s theme. As we are a family-frequented establishment, however, and the final image selections will be displayed in our retail space, we ask that you take this into consideration when selecting your final image submissions.
• Artists are required to submit the following in addition to image submissions:
-  Artist’s Statement
-  Title of Work
-  Year Created
-  Statement about the photograph and its relation to the theme
• Artists are allowed to submit up to five images.
• Artists must be the sole copyright holder of the images being submitted.
• Submissions will only be accepted through our online submission form. The   
Submission Form does have a ‘Save’ feature and can be completed over a period of time, if needed.
• Files should be saved in JPG format, RGB mode and use the sRGB Color Profile.
• Submission(s) must be received by no later than June 01, 2019 at 11:59 p.m. CST.
• Artists must agree to the Use of Image(s) Agreement.
• Past and present Digital Pro Lab employees are not eligible to participate.
• There is no cost to submit, and if selected, Digital Pro Lab will provide printing and mounting services at no cost to the artists.


For questions regarding submission requirements or about the exhibition, please contact Amanda Dominguez at (210) 377-3686 or