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File Setup Requirements

Professional Ordering Options

While we can print many different types of files, you will get the best results if you follow these guidelines:

  • Files should be saved in JPG format with a high quality setting.
  • They should in 8-bit, RGB mode and use the sRGB Color Profile.
  • If you have worked on the file in a program like Adobe Photoshop, be sure to discard any extra channels.
  • At final print size, images should be 200 to 300 dpi for small to medium sized prints up to 11x14. Images can be as low as 100 dpi for larger display prints. Much of this is dependent on your personal preference and viewing distance, Lower resolutions will make the pixelization more obvious, but you will not notice it from a distance and some people do not mind seeing the jaggies on an image so long as they get the print.
  • Use the following table as a guide:
  • Max Print Size Minimum MP Resolution
    4 x 6″ 2 megapixels 1600 x 1200
    5 x 7″ 3 megapixels 2048 x 1536
    8 x1 0″ 5 megapixels 2560 x 1920
    11 x 14″ 6 megapixels 2816 x 2112
    16 x 20″ 8+ megapixels 3264 x 2468

Cropping & Aspect Ratio

Not all common print sizes are the same proportions as the images that your camera shoots. Cameras typically shoot at a 2x3 aspect ratio, which is suitable for 4x6 or 8x12 prints. Other common print sizes will result in parts of the image being cut off, or cropped in photographic parlance. When you order print sizes that are that have a different aspect ratio to your image we will crop the image to fit the page. We crop the image from the center, losing equal amounts of the image on both sides, unless you give us special instructions otherwise.

If you have any questions about file setup, please contact Digital Pro Lab technical support at (210) 377-3686.