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Passport Photo Services

Passport and Immigration Photos can be photographed while you wait! At Digital Pro Lab, we have trained passport specialists who are familiar with a variety of different countries’ passport requirements. All Passport and Immigration photos are shot on a white background and printed on glossy paper. The photos are printed and priced in sets of 2.

We have the ability to meet most custom and international passport photo requirements. If you are unsure about your international passport specifications, please contact your country’s embassy or consulate for the latest photo requirements. It is always helpful if you have a copy of your country’s detailed passport or immigration photo requirements.

We guarantee that our passport photos will be accepted by the passport agency or we will re-shoot them at no charge. Our studio lighting produces a very high-quality image.

For all U.S. passports, not including infant passports (ages 3 and under), no call-ahead is required and same-day service is guaranteed during the hours listed below:

Monday – Friday: 10:30am – 4:30pm  | Saturday: 10:30am – 3pm

For all non-U.S. passports, infant passports (ages 3 and under) and for groups of 3 or more, Passport Photo Call-Ahead is required. Please contact us 2 hours prior to your arrival so we can ensure a passport specialist is ready and available to accommodate all requirements. Call (210) 377-3686 to make an appointment today.

Passport Photo TypeFirst SetAdd’l Set(s)
US Passport & US Immigration$16.95$9.95
Canadian Passport/Visa$29.95$29.95
Canadian Citizenship$39.95$39.95
Mexican Passport$29.95$29.95
UK Passport$29.95$29.95
International Passport$29.95$29.95
Custom Passport$39.95*$39.95
Digital Passport (CD)$29.95$9.95
Infant Fee (4 years & under)Adds $20.00

* Custom Passports start at $39.95 and go up per set
depending on complexity. Contact lab for details.

Passport Photo TypeFirst SetAdd’l Set(s)
US Passport & US Immigration$16.95$9.95
Canadian Passport/Visa$29.95$24.95
Canadian Citizenship$39.95$39.95
Mexican Passport$29.95$24.95
UK Passport$29.95$24.95
International Passport$29.95$24.95
Custom Passport$39.95*$39.95
Digital Passport (CD)$29.95$9.95
Infant Fee (4 years & underAdds $20.00Adds $20.00

* Custom Passports start at $34.95 and go up per set
depending on complexity. Contact lab for details.

Helpful Tips


  • No White Shirts for most countries including US.
  • We cannot digitally enhance/alter a photo to change your appearance in any way.
  • Most counties require your mouth to be closed with a neutral expression.
  • No Glasses. Most countries are moving to biometric specs and use facial recognition software. We recommend no eye glasses. Your photo may be rejected even if there is a highlight or light glare anywhere on the glasses.
  • Infant Passports. Please come in when the infant is awake because the eyes need to be open.
US Passports

Submit your passport application using the forms available at Travel.State.Gov and all passport facilities. Further photo requirements can be found here: U.S. Passport FAQs.

Canadian Passports

Canadian passports have very strict rules. Over 50% of the passport photos get rejected. Trust us. We know the specs and have been doing Canadian Passport Photos for years.

  1. More information on Canadian passports
  2. Canadian Passport Application and Forms
Other Counties

We may have the specifications for your country’s passport, but it is always best to bring in a copy of the latest requirements.

How to Order



Full Service, in-store ordering with the help of our knowledgeable staff.

Digital Pro Lab

Orders received by 3:00 p.m. (CST) will be completed by 12:00 noon (CST), Monday thru Friday, within the listed number of processing days required. No order will exceed 5 days unless indicated, or you are specifically notified by the lab. An email notification will be sent once the order has been completed for your convenience. NOTE: Shipping Time not included in Turnaround Time.