Film Developing

We can develop all Color Negative (C-41) film including 35mm, APS and 120 medium format films.

Full Service Pricing 

Digital Pro Lab can develop the following films:

  • Common (1 day - Monday through Friday)
    • 35mm
    • 120/220
    • APS
    • 110
    • Disposable Camera Film
  • Uncommon (14 days)
    • 35mm - Black & White
    • 120/220 - Black & White
    • 35mm - E-6 Color Reversal (Slide Film)
    • 120/220 - E-6 Color Reversal (Transparency Film)
    • 4x5 - E-6 Color Reversal (Transparency Film)

Film Developing does not include the price of printing. See Film Proofing for information about prining your images.

We can also scan all of your images to CD or DVD from cut or uncut film.

You can mail your film to us and we will send you back negatives, prints and/or scans.


Film Developing can only be ordered in our store or by mail.

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