Packaging Options

We have a variety of professional packaging options for you including Black Box Packaging, Premium Eco Packaging, White Window Envelopes and Specialty Order Envelopes.

Black Box Packaging: Package your prints in our contemporary Black Box Packages for an upscale presentation. Each box comes with a gold band for added style. We offer assorted sizes in a variety of print capacities. Order them with prints or pick one up over-the-counter today!

Premium Eco Packaging: The 100% natural-fiber crinkle paper ribbon is available in an assortment of colors and is made with water-soluble inks. The boxes are made from 95% recycled material. And best of all, these packages are a beautiful, contemporary way to deliver your prints.

White Window Envelopes: Popular for school or senior portraits, our White Window Envelopes are a great way to package unit prints for easy distribution.

Specialty Envelopes: Do you need customizable order envelopes? Our 9x12 Order Envelopes and 8.5x14 Perforated Order Envelopes are completely customizable and can be printed in full color, in 2 to 3 business days. The 9x12 Order Envelope has a sealable tab on the 9" side for secure closure after adhesion. Our 8.5x14 Perforated Order Envelopes come pre-perforated down the center for a one-part flyer, one-part envelope product. Either option is great for collecting payments for any service you might be offering! Design it yourself or have one of our designers design it for you! If you choose to do your own design, ask for our 8.5x14 Perforated Order Envelope template so that you can design around the perforation and adhesive areas of the envelope.


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