Die-Cut Wallets

The industry standard for senior portraits, but great for baby photos, family portraits or whatever. They fit in any card or envelope so they are perfect for sharing and sending to friends and family. The rounded corners give them a professional, finished look. While our Pro Lustre paper is by far the most popular, they are also available in Pro Gloss and Pro Metallic.

We print Die-Cut Wallets in sets of 8 per sheet. They are so popular that we have a permanent special on them. We call it the 48 Die-Cut Wallet Special. The only catch is that all 48 have to be from the same image.

There are a few things you should know about this popular product. First, they come 8 per sheet. Second, they are cut but still in the sheet. Third, in order to get the rounded corners and have them cut in the sheets, you lose about 1/8" all the way around the image. It's really important to keep important elements in the photo away from the edges. Heads, hands, text or whatever, you just can't have anything too close to the edge or its going to cut off. Fortunately all of our ordering systems now have some sort of guide to help you see what the final image will look like. We even have a downloadable Die-Cut Wallet guide for our Photoshop users.


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Our Kodak Endura Professional prints are archivally rated at 100+ years. The paper is the same technology that has been used for decades. Just like film prints, the digital images are exposed on light sensitive Kodak Endura Professional paper, then developed in chemistry and dried as a finished print.