Film Developing
Film Developing

Having trouble finding a film lab? Look no further. We still develop film! Digital Pro Lab can develop the following film types:

  • C-41 Film Developing (2 days – Monday through Friday)
    • 35mm
    • 120/220
    • APS
    • 110/126
    • Disposable Camera Film (35mm)
  • Specialty Film Developing (14 days)
    • 35mm – Black & White
    • 120/220 – Black & White
    • 35mm – E-6 Color Reversal (Slide Film)
    • 120/220 – E-6 Color Reversal (Transparency Film)
    • 4×5 – E-6 Color Reversal (Transparency Film)

Film Developing does not include the price of printing or scanning. See Film Services for information about printing and scanning services.

Film TypePrice
35mm Film C-41$8.95
120 Film C-41$8.95
220 Film C-41$8.95
APS Film • 110 Film • 126 Film$10.95
35mm B&W 24 Exp.$9.95
35mm B&W 36 Exp.$9.95
120 B&W Film$9.95
220 B&W Film$12.95
E-6 24 Exp. Film$14.95
E-6 36 Exp. Film$17.95
120 E-6 Film$14.95
220 E-6 Film$17.95
Roll Push/Pull$3.50 per stop*

*Max 3 stops, each stop is $3.50

How to Order



Full Service, in-store ordering with the help of our knowledgeable staff.

Digital Pro Lab

Orders received by 3:00 p.m. (CST) will be completed by 12:00 noon (CST), Monday thru Friday, within the listed number of processing days required. No order will exceed 5 days unless indicated, or you are specifically notified by the lab. An email notification will be sent once the order has been completed for your convenience. NOTE: Shipping Time not included in Turnaround Time.